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Both Jameson & Milena Kon are co-owners of Driving Me Knots, and have always been animal lovers at heart for a long time. And due to our love for the four legged kind, our utmost important philosophy to being pet stylist, is that we continue to educate ourselves in not only ways to improve the grooming process for your pets, but to enhance their wellbeing for a longer and healthier life.

Now a day, we believe that a dog or cat is no longer just a pet. They are now an extension of your family, and as family members, we always want the best for them. However, it’s quite difficult for a lot of our clients when our own personal life could be too hectic, that they forego the time necessary to take care of the needs of their pets. And that’s when we get the calls to come in and provide the necessary help they so desperately seek.

As pet owners ourselves, owning several Miniature Schnauzers, Standard and Mini Poodles, to even a Chihuahua, we understand that they all need special care, rather it be hand stripping to de-shedding, bathing and conditioning, to de-matting and haircuts. Even taking care of the little details like teeth cleaning, nail clipping, anal gland expressing, etc. is all taken care of when you call us to service your fur babies.

Our mission is to provide an all-inclusive service, which caters to the clients in so many different levels, yet remain compassionate towards the animals overall wellbeing. Caring for animals is such a rewarding job, and we take it very seriously.

So rest assured that you have the best in the business taking care of your pets. Not only do we know different styles of grooms from Asian Style to Creative grooming, everything is done all-inclusively at the leisure of your residency. We are certified in Pet CPR and also Certified Feline Master Groomers, and will continue to make sure that your pet is treated like they are part of our family.

dog grooming


We have never come upon two dogs that are identical in every way. Every pet will, in one time or another, be greasy and oily, or become matted and tangled, or get sprayed by a skunk, or get rashes and hotspots. Because of this, we pride ourselves that we are able to handle all sorts of circumstances, and while at it; make sure that your pet(s) enjoys their experience in a mobile grooming environment.

Please view the different types of packages, add-ons, and pricing stipulations below. Final price will be given when we meet your pet, and the specific needs your pet requires. Prices are based on a dog with good coat condition and attitude that are groomed every two to six weeks. Matting, excessive undercoat, and difficult behavior will be charged more since it requires more time to groom or even need two groomers to complete the job at hand.

We always pay close attention when providing the royal treatment that your pet deserves.. No bones about it, these packages will surely make your dogs go to doggy heaven and back..

All Silky Spa Packages begin with the Bath and Brush Plus...

Physical Check Up (for any sores/fleas/bumps/etc.)

Brush Out

Nail Trimmings

Eyes & Ears Cleaned

Silky Shampoo and Conditioning

Anal Gland Cleaning

Hydro Massage Rinse

Towel and Blow Dry

Brush and Fluff

Sanitary Trimmings


Special Doggy Accessory

cat grooming


Even though a cat spends a large percentage of their day grooming themselves, constantly licking dirt and debris off their fur isn’t a pretty thing. A cat in general is greasy, and naturally sheds a lot.  No matter if long hair or short hair, they will get matted over time, and when that time does arrive, all the licking in the world will not rid those tangles.

Not only that, cats loves to roam and rummage all over the place, collecting dust, pollen, dander, fleas, etc. on their coat. Imagine all those cat litter stuck in their paws, or icky stuff stuck to their rear end. Now imagine them cleaning these particles off their coat, and then hacking up hairballs. Licking themselves is a short term resolution, but all the cat really is doing is covering their body with their own saliva. And this will in turn, attract more of the problems that is quite unhealthy for a cat.

In the long run, we always want to make sure that our cats live an overall healthy life, so having them groomed regularly will help. But wait? Doesn’t cat hate water? When a cat starts to get bathed at an early part of their lives, they in fact, do enjoy the water. It’s never too late to start, to have a clean cat in the house.

All Silky Spa Packages begin with the Bath and Brush Plus...

Physical Check Up (for any sores/fleas/bumps/etc.)

Nail Trimmings

Eyes & Ears Cleaned
Degreasing Shampoo

Hydro Massage Rinse

Towel and Blow Dry

Brush and De-shed




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